Navigating Transitions

Each of us authors our own life
. How we respond at critical thresholds sets the direction and tone of the next unfolding chapter!

When at a major threshold, we encounter experiences and feelings that signal it’s time to make profound changes. Sometimes, the prompts arise from within. Guided by some deep inner wisdom, like a caterpillar entering a chrysalis, we may feel our current jobs or relationships are unfulfilling or too confining. At other times, these impulses coincide with dramatic shifts in our circumstances, such as when we face a life-threatening illness or event, loss of a job, divorce or death of a loved one.

We might find ourselves searching for new settings, different experiences, or relationships that awaken dormant attitudes and sensibilities. Sometimes we purchase something slightly out of character. All of these moves are expressions of the natural instinct to transform.

These inner promptings carry a very real threat to our status quo. We feel mounting tension about what is propelling us and where we might end up.

Our lives are too precious to allow them to evolve only by chance. Whether the prompts arise from the inside, or a disruption in our external world calls for a change, it is essential to be able to author the next chapter of our life, to evolve on purpose.

Join us in living life on purpose.
ThresholdArts is designed to be a resource for awakening and cultivating the less familiar possibilities within you.